Carefully Crafted

Responsible Creativity

Our RΞAA team wants to showcase a craft design that combines fashion and interior design. We are creating hand-made and custom-made footwear and accessories that belong to the contemporary culture of meditation and mindfulness. We strongly believe that is crucial to find ways of distress and relax, as the times we all live are so demanding and stressful. We want our client to experience mindfulness and meditation, and find their moments of inner silence by using our products.  As a fashion house, we feature exclusive artefacts that breathe uniqueness, minimalistic beauty and inner soul. Furthermore, all our products are constructed by recycled wood and leather. For RΞAA team, we support the idea of green fashion and circular economy and we hope that in the meantime future, our products will be 100% planet friendly.

Our vision is to communicate the idea of mindfulness and meditation all around the world.

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